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ACC CBD Drops, Calm Cool and Collected

Amsterdam Coffee Club

Once I reached my mid 30's I started having issues with anxiety and claustrophobia, at first I didn't know what it was.

 My place of work had flown me to Kansas City, Kansas for corporate training, we had wrapped up and all piled into a hot van to get a ride back to the airport. All of a sudden I was feeling bizarre, like I didn't have enough air, like my heart was in my throat choking me, like suddenly I would explode from the waist down, like I was trapped and like I wanted to jump out of the moving van that was going at least 60 mph at the time, not caring what anyone else thought. 

  I was somehow able to rationalize this feeling and I knew I needed something familiar, I turned the AC vent toward me, pulled out my phone and started listening to my saved voicemails, I had one from my husband and one from my best friend. I listened to them over and over, the other people in the van could probably hear what I was listening to, they probably all had my two voicemails memorized by the time we got to the airport, and I didn't care, I just kept listening to them. As soon as I was out of the van I felt like I was gulping down the air, I went and hid in the restroom to pull myself together, splashed cold water on myself and once it passed, I then went about the rest of my day. 

  Over the years I have tried many things, counseling, tests of my thyroid, hormone levels, tried "happy pills" and various birth control pills, and so many other things, nothing helped me get a grip on my anxiety. 

  I did some research on CBD's and was convinced it was worth a try, so I went to Amsterdam Coffee Club to see what they had to offer. I was impressed with their selection and left with 250 ML ACC Brand CBD Drops. They not only help, but I don't feel like I'm polluting my body and destroying my kidneys and liver. Now when I start to feel the brink of anxiety, I take my ACC CBD Drops and relax!